Nothing brings tranquility to your landscape like the soothing sounds of running water from a beautiful outdoor water feature.

By adding a waterfall, you will transform your property into a peaceful oasis. Whether you are looking for a small garden feature in your backyard, or a large cascading waterfall to enhance your community or business, the options are truly limitless.

There are many decisions that have to be made when designing your new waterfall such as size, style, pond or no pond, location. We will help you through the design process so you can create the waterfall of your dreams.

We know your new waterfall project is a large commitment, and you can be sure we have the knowledge and skill to create a water feature that surpasses your expectations.

Koi Pond Design and Installation

If you've ever dreamt of a koi pond in your backyard, at your business, or indoors, but never thought it was possible, think again.

Some features to consider when designing a koi pond are:

  • water fountain
  • living garden
  • walking bridge

No matter the size of your property or the size of your budget, we can custom design an appropriately sized koi pond to fit your space.

Indoor Koi Pond
Indoor Koi Pond
Outdoor Koi Pond With Seating

What Makes Our Landscape Water Features Unique?

Unlimited Design Possibilities - The only limit is your imagination

Installation time - Our professionals will get the job done right, and quick

Minimal Property Disruption - Most projects don't require the use of heavy equipment

Waterfall Wall With Gas Fires
Perimeter Wall With Pond And Fountains
Large Waterfall With Pond and Trees

Designing A Custom Waterfall and Koi Pond

The design process is the most important part of creating the perfect water feature in your yard. For help with decisions like location, size, and style you can set up an appointment with our design professionals to go over the following:

  1. Location - Determining the location of your new backyard waterfall or pond is critical to how you will enjoy the feature as well as how the feature will fit into your landscape. Some common areas for a water feature are: Patio, garden, pool side, near the seating area, and even Indoors
  2. Size and Style - Your space and your preference will determine both the size and style of your water feature. Will you have large boulders or small rocks? Will you have a huge cascade, longer stream, or a water wall? What look you can create is only limited to your imagination.
  3. Pond or Pondless - Whether or not you want a disappearing waterfall, also known as pondless, or waterfall with a pond, is an important decision that has to be made. Do you want a large pond? Do you want to have fish in the pond? Would you rather have a pondless water feature? These are all questions to consider when determining if your feature will have a pond or not.

Custom Waterfalls and Koi Pond Photos and Design Ideas