We are proud to be one of the leading providers of automated gate systems in Southwest Florida.

We always try to live up to our excellent reputation. First, by designing and building quality into every entry gate system we install and second by insuring extreme reliability, allowing us to offer our comprehensive maintenance and service agreements that are very cost effective.

Whether you need commercial or residential gates, we craft top-of-the-line systems that are not only attractive, but reliable and secure.

Commercial Entry Systems

We can create custom entry gate systems for vehicles or pedestrians for any commercial or industrial property including: corporate parks, warehouses, airports, treatment facilities, parking lots, hotels, high-rises, and mixed-use properties.

Entry Gate For Storage Facility

Residential Entry Systems

Protect residential property with an automatic gate and entry system. Our gates can be custom built for driveways, walkways, subdivisions, community developments, ranches, apartments, condominiums, high-rises, parking decks, or any residential area.

Entry Gate For Apartment Complex

Types of commercial and residential entry gates

Sliding driveway gates have benefits and drawbacks just as swinging gates do. To decide which is best for your property you need to consider several factors, like the space available, the level of security you want and how much you want to spend.  Pedestrian gates are usually small enough to fit anywhere and can be built into a new or existing fence or wall. 

Swing Gates

Swing Gates are perfect for areas that do not have adequate space to provide for the full movement of a slide gate along with its counterbalance. Our commercial swing gates can be used between two buildings or in areas where the ground is not level.

Slide Gates

Sliding Gates with Access Control allow for easy entrance of authorized visitors while keeping intruders out. Each gate is customized to fit the dimensions of the access way. The ground has to be level for a sliding gate to work, and shrubs or other objects may need to be relocated.

Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates are perfect for both residential and commercial areas. These gates allow for convenient access into restricted areas for all welcomed guests, and provide a barrier for those not permitted on to the premises.

Material options for entry gates

Choosing the gate that’s right for you and your property can be difficult if you don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Keep reading to learn what you should know when considering the material needed for your custom entry gate.

Steel Gates

Custom designed steel gates are available both as a sliding gate and as a swing gate. Steel gates are quite strong and durable, which makes them a great choice for customers interested in increased security. Maintenance and upkeep for steel gates is easy, with cleaning and washing posing little difficulty.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are some of our most popular gates as there are a variety of standard and custom designs available. Wrought iron is both timeless and durable, with gate options available for all types of properties and budgets. These iron gates are a great choice for properties that want to combine the benefit of enhanced security with the ability to show off the landscape beyond the gate.

Wooden Gates

When combined with custom designed wrought iron work, wooden gates add character as well as an extra level of protection to your property. Wooden gates are stylish, long-lasting, and complement a variety of landscapes. They can also dramatically increase your property’s privacy, which may be a welcome addition for properties in busier or more congested areas.

Entry Gate Photos and Design Ideas