There are many choices you can make to spruce up your backyard. A popular trend in many landscape designs is the addition of an outdoor fire pit.

Whether you choose a sleek and contemporary gas fire pit, or a wood burning fire pit, it will be a less expensive alternative to an outdoor fireplace.

From throwing parties to roasting marshmallows, we can design a custom fire pit that's suitable for your backyard or patio.

Seating is a critical consideration when designing a fire pit. If done properly, it'll be an outdoor space you can enjoy year-round.

When integrated into thoughtful landscaping designs, a fire pit will extend your home and available party space from inside to outside, providing a natural gathering place where you and your friends can sip some wine while conversing and laughing on a chilly night.

If you aren’t too keen on throwing parties, a fire pit can still be appreciated simply for the sheer beauty of it. The ambiance and romance a fire pit will add to your backyard is unbeatable.

Square Gas Fire Pit
Waterfront Fire Pit With Seating
Fire Pit With Outdoor Bar


3 Tips for Planning Your Backyard Fire Pit

  1. Location – don’t allow backyard fire pits to be built too close to a building that it might damage, or even cause a structure fire.
  2. Drainage – with the nature of fire, the pit is open to the elements, including rain. Of course a Fire Pit is going to be a “hot tub” but when heavy rain starts to fill it up, if not designed properly, the water will make a huge mess…not just of your Fire Pit but the surrounding surface areas around it as well.
  3. Heat – because of the enclosed sides of the pit, extreme temperatures can heat up normal masonry materials and mortar well past limits and make it crack. Even some natural stone materials don’t withstand high heat as well as other materials. Using the right materials and the right methods are both important to how many years this backyard amenity will last and look good.


How Much Does A Fire Pit Cost?

With so many fire pit options available, selecting the right contractor is important. We have a team of landscaping professionals to help with every aspect of your project, from design to build.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will review your property, discuss your plans in detail and provide a no obligation quote.


Fire Pit Photo Gallery and Design Ideas