Your Stonework and Masonry Contractor in Sarasota

Wholesale Walls of Sarasota provides a quality foam wall system for residential and commercial properties.

You can choose from either concrete or foam walls which can be enhanced with a stone, brick, tile, or precast stone finish. Generally, foam walls cost 20-25% less than concrete block walls and can be completed in less time.

We use a patented foam wall system that does not need steel supports or concrete footers, we also have a foam wall system that is a certified and engineered designed wall with posts, and footers with state of the art base coat and finish systems. Our engineered Wind Load Design is in conformance with Florida Building Code Wind Pressure Requirements.

With years of experience on commercial projects at Disney World and Bush Gardens, we can also help design and build community entry monument signs, and other architectural foam elements. We also install aluminum and wrought iron driveway and pedestrian gates, including electric motorized gates, to help keep your property secure.

Contact us today to request a free estimate for your project. We will come out to review your property, go over the details of what you would like to have done, and provide you with a quote that will make you happy you found us!

We are 100% Green

Every Monday we recycle all of our job scraps of styrofoam and they regrind it into new blocks of foam.

We strive to have a small carbon footprint.

Foam Walls Generally Cost 20-25% Less Than Concrete Block!

Want A Custom Designed Koi Pond?

The custom built Koi pond featured in this video includes the soothing sounds of running water to enhance a meditation area. It's the perfect place to recharge your energy and stay balanced.

Koi Pond Specifications:

  • 20' x 10' x 3' deep
  • 5000 gallons
  • 4' x 8' meditation  area
  • Built in state of the art Bio Filter

View more water features >>

Past Client Testimonials

When I asked Luanne Kirschner if she would like to give her opinion of our work on our website she sent me this.

"We love the way the wall turned out and we are always glad to give you a glowing reference"

Kerry (former major of Sarasota) and Luanne Kirschner.
The Kirschners have sent two friends to build them a privacy wall.


We always say do a good job and the rest will take care of itself.


We just finished a wall restoration for a customer that live on a busy road in Sarasota that needed to be repaired and he just emailed me this

"I have a 20 plus year old foam wall that needed some repairs on my property and my daughters next door. Wholesale Walls was very professional and meticulous as well as working around obstacles posed by the weather. I have been totally satisfied with their work and give them a strong positive reference."

Bill E.
Sarasota, Fl.